Sarcopenia and Its Impact on Quality of Life.


Sarcopenia is recognized as a major health problem among older adults. This syndrome is associated with serious health consequences in terms of frailty, disability, morbidity and mortality. The aim of this study is to review sarcopenia and its impact on quality of life (QoL). MEDLINE database was searched from January to March 2016 using predefined search terms “sarcopenia”, quality of life”. Based on extensive literature search, 32 articles were identified while only 6 studies met the inclusion criteria and were associated with sarcopenia and QoL. Quality of life level was measured using generic self-reported tools; the Medical Outcomes Survey Short-form General Health Survey (SF-36) in 4 studies and EuroQol-5D instrument (EQ-5D) in 2 studies. Subjects with sarcopenia demonstrated a significantly high proportion of problems relating to several dimensions of QoL. More studies based on Sarcopenia and QoL are needed. Although the impact of sarcopenia on QoL was assessed in all studies with QoL generic instruments, it would be more insightful to utilise a disease-specific quality of life questionnaire, such as the SarQoL for sarcopenic subjects.

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