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Thread: Confused! please help?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angele1 View Post
    I have heard good things about the CLEAR program, especially for smaller curves such as yours. You should check it out and get all the information you can get. The smaller the curve the more likely you can get a reduction if at all possible. Just something to look into. As someone else posted, you started your menses so you really have to watch during your growth spurts to make sure your curves don't progress.

    Best of luck to you! I hope your second opinion ends up being "no scoliosis" at all!!
    This is TOTALLY inappropriate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LindaRacine View Post
    This is TOTALLY inappropriate.
    Worse, it is soliciting for business by praying on the unsuspecting while NOT revealing who one really is.

    Can these posts be deleted?

    And if they continue, can anyone posting such 'ads' for business be banned?
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