I have this post in the adult scoliosis section and don't know how to move it so I copied and pasted here. This would have been a better place for it in the first place-thanks to all for the suggestions on the other thread. My daughter is becoming a little more concerned as the time approaches. Her high curve needs a brace that goes pretty far up under her arm and will affect her looks when standing-her right shoulder will be pushed up a bit.
My 11 yr old daughter was recently diagnosed with scoliosis with a T5-T9 38 degree curve and a T9-L3 14 degree curve. The degrees don't really matter for this question though. I was hoping to find some insight or advice from anyone and everyone possible about how to introduce the brace into full time status over the next 2 weeks. Getting RSC brace next Wed. Does anyone have any experiences or tips that they found to help in wearing a brace? There are so many things from clothing to mattresses to this to that. Any thing that brace wearers or parents who have had been through this can offer would be greatly appreciated. I'm pretty sure that the brace is going to be uncomfortable, at least at first. It looked like she was really "cranked" into position for the casting. She has been quite positive about the brace when we talk, but I have a feeling that talking about it and getting use to actually wearing it will be two different things. Thanks in advance![/