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    Smile Office Chairs

    I had my scoliosis operation in January this year and since then when I have been doing my homework after school and at weekends and have found my office chair to be very uncomfortable after several hours and back beings to ache so i am going to get a different chair, I was jus wondering if anyone knew what type of chair would reduce the achiness so I had an idea of what to buy.
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    May seem strange, I know, but people like their chairs for different reasons, and its actually quite a "picky" affair. I LOVE my chair, but everyone else I know hates it, cause I have it a a "strange angle" (but not for me lol). But here's what I think makes a good, comfy chair

    :A chair that has both a height adjustment and a seat adjustments so you can position the seat bit to whatever you like, some chairs even have three levers now (I have no idea what the third leaver is for)

    :A chair that's smooshy without not being too smooshy, ie that it has a comfortable cover and material, whilst still giving support. I personally like my chair 'cause its quite molded

    :A chair without arms. If you are going to use it under different desks arms are a pain, cause they often make the chair not fit.

    :When you go into shops, such as an office supply store, sit in the chairs for a bit (doesn't matter if you get strange looks lol cause you want a chair you like) and fiddle with the chair, seeing what angles you can get, is it comfortable, can you write in it ok, will it fit under you desk etc

    From memory, there was a thread started about this in either the NON-SURGICAL or Surgical (First-Time) section in the Adults bit. I think somebody even put a link to their chair's website, to see what theres looks like


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