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Thread: Just back from Spokane Shriners

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    Just back from Spokane Shriners

    Our 15 year old daughter was examined at Shriners in Spokane last week and her curvature had not significantly increased, so we continue to watch and wait. She measured 30 thoracic, 40 lumbar in July. Last week she measured 33 thoracic and 42 lumbar. The physician's assistant said it was within the margin of measuring error. We go back in six month.

    Elaine in Montana

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    Sounds good. I'm glad to hear that her curve is holding steady!
    daughter, 12, diagnosed 8/07 with 19T/13L
    -Braced in spinecor 10/07 - 8/12 with excellent in brace correction and stable/slightly decreased out of brace curves.
    -Introduced Providence brace as adjunct at night in 11/2011 in anticipation of growth spurt. Curves still stable.
    -Currently in Boston Brace. Growth spurt is here and curves (and rotation) have increased to 23T/17L

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    does that mean she is not wearing a brace with those measurements?

    just curious because we were just told today Amb needs a brace now.
    27 degrees rt thoracic and lt lumbar

    Jill where do you go for your spincor brace? are you happy with it? you can pm me too
    age 15
    Daughter diagnosed at age 13
    T20 l23 10-09
    T27 L27 1/2010

    T10 L 20 in brace 4/2010
    T22 L25 12/2010 out of brace
    T24 L25 7/2011 out of brace

    Type 1 diabetes- pumping
    Wearing a Boston brace and Schroth therapy
    Faith, Hope, and Love- the greatest of these is Love

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    I would be interested in your experience with the Spinecor brace. My daughter is 8 and has been in it since 11/2/09.

    So far she has had no problems with wearing it all day. She wears it about 20 hours per day.

    We also just completed a 2 week intensive program using the Clear method. My daughter was about 25 degrees (last June), primarily thoracic, and while we were doing the wait and see it increased to 35 degrees (last October).

    In the Spinecor brace she is about 23 degrees (21-23).

    On 1/4/10 she was about 30 degrees after being out of her brace for 48 hours and then about 23-25 degrees out of the brace following the 2 week treatment.

    She is now about 13-18 degrees in the brace (based on where it is measured). Now the goal is to see if we can hold the improvement with exercises that she needs to do about 2 hours per day (hour after school and hour before bed).

    I see with your Spinecor measurements there is a constant improvement with the in brace measurement and that you are able to hold the out of brace steady with no progression.

    I wish we would have started the Spinecor brace much sooner instead of waiting until she reached 35 degrees.

    I appreciate any comments or recommendations you may have with the Spinecor brace.


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