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Thread: Message from Donna about Gabby

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    Message from Donna about Gabby

    I have been coming here and to the Australian board daily to see if Donna had posted. Many will remember Gabby had surgery and had a possible rare, allergic reaction and suffered some paralysis.

    I just received this email from Donna:

    Hi Jen,

    Just a quick note as I never seem to have much time lately.
    Every day seems a little better. It has been 100 times worse than ever imagined. But she is definitely on the improve.
    She Is totally off all pain meds. May ask for occasional panadol but that’s it.
    Is doing about 10 to 15 mins. Walking a day. Not much yet but is moving most of the day also.
    Her hand is slow to recover. Stil no movement in fingers.
    But is getting some feeling back and more strength and control in wrist. A good sign. Still praying heaps.
    One thing I have learnt is not to speak to soon. As soon as I say “I think we have reached a turning point!” We go backwards.
    So I don’t say anything and just cheer her on with every little step.
    I have also learnt what “tough love “ means. It’s bloody hard.
    We have had concerns the last week over a couple of spots on her wound but after taking photos and sending them to Dr. Askin he confirmed that they were stitch abscess and superficial and to go on oral antibiotics for a couple of weeks.

    Sorry about not posting. If I could describe it , it would be like having a newborn that was ill and that had an opinion about everything you did or said or suggested. Laughed at this bit!
    I am looking forward to eventually posting a lot and helping others that are going through it. We have had a bumpy road but I would definitely do it again because of the result. Yes, we had a couple of unexpected things go wrong, but compared to her future before she is still better off having had the op.
    Please feel free to post for me. I would appreciate it. On a whole she looks fabulous. She is so straight and Dr. Askin achieved a great correction. From 58 and 54 to 12 and 8. He fused from T5 to L3.

    We are due to see Dr. Askin in a couple of weeks. She will have another MRI on her neck then. Fingers crossed.
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    Thanks so much for posting that.

    This poor kid had a very bad reaction to some med. I guess a way of looking at this is it was good they found out during a non-emergency procedure. As someone who had two life-saving surgeries I am guessing the far lower chaos levels associated with something like fusion were advantageous in finding and treating this reaction. And now she knows to not use those drugs again in any future surgeries.

    I am still betting she makes a full recovery and the mother is doing a great job.
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    I was so concerned about Gabby. I came on the forum right about when the drama started for them and was wondering how they were and praying as well. I make it a point to do that.. pray for the person I am thinking about.

    Good news indeed
    Karen - Skye's mom

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    I too have had them, and continue to have them in my thoughts. Thanks for passing on their info.


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    hey jennifer that was very thoughtful and sweet of you to do that for her and I hope she will be alrite and hopefully she will get movement back !
    wishing for hte best!
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    Tough Love

    Tough love is never easy. But it does pay in the long run. I loved the book by Jim Fey on Tough Love. Their organization is coming to the Detroit area this week to speak. I've heard them before at a teacher's conference. Excellent!

    I love your description of an ill newborn who can give an opinion on anything. Sounds like my son right now. Nothing is right....I could list 10 things easily and at the top would be doing the physcial therapy exercises.

    We'll keep praying that her complete movement returns.
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