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Thread: Missing school due to surgery

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    jrnyc - I've dealt with this school before on other matters - so this is not unexpected. Usually it all comes around OK in the end, it's just getting there. I'll wait a few weeks and see what I hear and then will push for answers on Homebound assisstance if none are offered by then.

    I think the teacher will be the biggest help. I'm planning on setting up an email just for them to send us info. I think keeping it all in one stop will help us tackle it when the time comes.


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    O.K., know them, so you know how they operate...i just think it is not right when schools treat parents as if they are doing kids a favor, when what they are supposed to do is required by law! please dont forget to get the doctor involved if need be!

    hope her healing goes really well!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddb View Post
    Thanks everyone for your advice.

    Barbara - Hope Julia is doing well with school. Your set up seems just like ours - block scheduling , 90 min classes. Was wondering how the sitting that long was going to go over.

    We had our meeting with the teachers - didn't go as well as I thought it would. Still can't get an answer about Homebound help. Seems it will be subject to availability, and won't know the subjects she will get help with until they know who is available to come.

    Some of her teachers were GREAT!! Even offered home phone numbers if needed. Others, well, we'll get through this.

    I did discuss the possibliity of her returning to just a few classes at first. That seems to be what most have said their kids did in the begining.

    I asked about 504 and although the GC didn't seem to think it would be needed I will continue to check it out, and see if it would be something that she needs.

    Hi Dee
    Sheena's school only offered homebound for her core courses and they sent one teacher, who only does homebound, to our house for all the classes. To be honest, she was there more to administer tests and gather homework, she wasn't able to offer a whole lot in the way of actual tutoring. It wasn't a big deal, I helped her get through a lot of it. For her other non-core classes, I emailed the teachers back and forth for assignments and tests.

    In our school district, there's one person who handles the 504 plans. She actually works at the main district office and she's the one that told me to go ahead and do it, that it was better to be safe than sorry. Maybe there's someone like that in your school district that you can contact directly.

    Sheena made it through the entire day the first day back, but like I said, that was at 7 weeks and she was pale and completely wiped out by the end of the day. One thing I've noticed, the longer the fusion, the longer and more difficult the recovery. Most kids generally do so well because thoracic fusions are the most common and they recover relatively quickly from these. Maybe your daughter is in this category.

    (edit) I should add that Sheena lost a lot of blood and we didn't want her transfused with the exception of her own unit. I'm sure this hampered the recovery process.
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    My daughter was one of those quick recovery kids even though she had a long fusion. Jamie is fused T3-L2. She was given permission to return 1/2 days at 3 weeks, but because that was Christmas break, she returned at about 4 - 4 1/2 weeks.

    Jamie was in 8th grade when she had her surgery. I think being in middle school rather than high school makes it easier to catch up. Jamie had a total of 2 hours of tutoring and that was done at the school library before she returned to school. She never had trouble getting caught up. Since she wasn't allowed to take gym when she returned, she was able to go to the library to do her work.

    We were lucky. I talked to the guidance counselor and worked with her to take care of everything. No 504 plan. They simply gave us what Jamie needed and offered us more than what we needed. They gave her permission to get up and walk around, carry/use a pillow and she didn't need to do any of it.

    Hang in there and fight for what you need.

    Mary Lou
    Mom to Jamie age 21-diagnosed at age 12-spinal fusion 12/7/2004-fused from T3-L2; and Tracy age 19, mild Scoliosis-diagnosed at age 18.

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    Thanks everyone!! As usual some points have been brought up that I didn't think of.

    Mary Lou - That's a great idea about the library during PE. I'll ask about that and see if that could be done. I was thinking she could use that time to walk, but maybe she could meet with teachers during that time to get caught up if needed.

    Jess - thanks - some of her teachers seem like they are really going to go above and beyond for her. I have a good friend who is a GC and we will talk more about the need of a 504. She will definitly give me her opinion on that topic and help me get it if we feel it will be needed.

    I talked to the Drs nurse and she told me they have never had an issue in our school system getting what is needed for the kids. They had me fill out a form and are handling it from their end too.

    I certainly feel better now. It seems that there will be a lot of people working to help her in this area.


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