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Thread: upper back pain - won't go away

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    May 2008
    I also have the very bad pain between the shoulder blades around the exact area spoken about. I still have a curvature with a rib hump but not a very noticeable one.

    I really have found it interesting that is is not just me. Thankyou so much for bringing this up.

    Operated on in 1966, harrington rods inserted from T4 to L3, here in Australia. Fusion of the said vertebrae as well. Problems for the last 14 years with pain.
    Something I feel deeply,"Life is like money,you can spend it anyway you wish, but can only spend it once.

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    Everyone's posts are very concerning to me. I NEVER had upper back pain until this last surgery. Is this upper back pain caused by the new dual rod system? I did NOT experience this with my Harrington Rod...I did not realize that MORE pain would be a result of this surgery...not less. It sounds like a LOT of us are experiencing this pain.

    I know that my Dr. did apologize for the increased pain but said he didn't know what could be done. They could take rods out and put rods in over and over...I don't know. I wonder if another consultation is needed. Anya, have you checked with any other doctors? curious.

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    1982 fused T2-L1
    pre op 45 - post op 33 (left thoracic)
    pre op 53 - post op 18 (right thoracic)

    recheck 2006
    right thoracic 57
    lower lumbar 34

    surgical revision April 28,2009
    revision T3-L1; new fusion L1-L4
    unsure of degrees at this point

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    i feel bad for you your muscles bunch from the pain?

    i am getting botox shots again feb 10th...just had sacroiliac shots yesterday in nyc...skipped the facet block as it would have been too much for one seeing dr anand next week to inquire to his "minimal invasive technique"...which he seems to think can work for everybody, despite the fact that every good nyc surgeon told me no that is not possible with my degree of lumbar damage...

    i dont know what i would be doing now without the botox for thoracic pain...the surgeons are so impressed with it they wont even start the fusion until L4 & T11...otherwise, they would want to start fusion higher...that is when/if i have the surgery

    hope you all feel better soon


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    Lightbulb post op pain-scar tissue

    Whenever extensive surgery is done there is scar tissue. This extends all the way down to the spine, through all the muscles and fascia. What helped me was Rolfing and exercise. I seldom have it now except when I do a movement I am not used to.
    Original scoliosis surgery 1956 T-4 to L-2 ~100 degree thoracic (triple)curves at age 14. NO hardware-lost correction.
    Anterior/posterior revision T-4 to Sacrum in 2002, age 60, by Dr. Boachie-Adjei @Hospital for Special Surgery, NY = 50% correction

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    Ames, Iowa
    Karen--How soon were you able to return to rolfing? I went all the time before surgery and it kept me going. I assume it has been helpful to you. Janet

    61 years old--57 for surgery

    Diagnosed in 1965 at age of 13--no brace
    Thoracic Curve: 96 degrees to 35 degrees
    Lumbar Curve: 63 degrees to 5 degrees
    Surgery with Dr. Lenke in St. Louis--March 30, 2009
    T-2 to Pelvis, and hopefully all posterior procedure.

    All was posterior along with 2 cages and 6 osteotomies.

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