Hi all,

I haven't posted for a while and never on the revision site before, but I may have to have a hardware removal surgery and have a few questions. I have been searching previous posts on this subject. I don't have an appointment with my surgeon for another month, but since I had my baby 3 months ago, I've had very specific pain in around T1 or T2. There seems to be a more defined bump there -probably hardware and I can't tell you whether it was there before or not. The pain (sharp, some burning) occurs whenever I reach for something, hold my child, twist, put my hair up, etc. Obviously it is affecting my life greatly. I originally thought it was just a pulled muscle, but it seems like the muscle is irritated going over something (like hardware). I'm wondering what type of pain people had when considering hardware removal surgery. I'm feeling nervous since I can't get in to see the surgeon for some time and am in a lot of pain and trying to lug around my baby. I also don't want surgery because of how it would affect nursing my baby. However, I also don't want to live in this pain.

Thank you,