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Thread: Ribs (not bbq ones)

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    Ribs (not bbq ones)

    Hey folks, I have a question some of you might be able to help me with.

    My rib cage is kinda large in circumferance, but I am unsure whether this is part of the rotation of my thoracic spine. It doesn't look that bad because my torso is dropped down, but I am thinking if I get my spine straightened, the ribs might protrude out alot and I dont want that to happen ! Should I bring this up with my surgeon or just let it be?

    Has anyone had any expereince with this?

    Yours twistedly,

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    Hi Jimbo,
    Personally, i think if you have any uncertainties (sp?) in regards to your surgery and how you would look after, that you should take it up to your surgeon. My surgeon told me to call anytime i had a question, regardless of how silly i thought it may be. Good luck!
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