(Reposted from the torso thread)

This IIS discussion is interesting for many reasons.

I have a suggestion... perhaps we can have a new area of the forum for people booting up on the literature. People starting on the long, long journey of trying to get their arms around the literature in some small area of scoliosis (which itself is a huge area). It would be people posting papers and commenting on them but there would be a disclaimer that these were not MD/PhDs and that these people have zero training and patients and parents should know that before reading.

Opinions should fly freely and with gay abandon but counterfactual material should still be out of bounds.

I think that would be fun and I would contribute my lay speculation. I suggest, "Hysterical Scoliosis" as the name of the area of this forum.

The problems with not fire-walling this off from the rest of the forum are legion. People will still stumble into the area and misunderstand but hopefully they will ask questions and be told that it is lay speculation.

The other suggestion about Dingo starting a blog for this material is a good one also. He could post all of that here if appropriately qualified. But that doesn't happen so we need to do something else in my opinion.