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Thread: 3rd set of rods starting lean to the right 71/2 weeks post op

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    Question 3rd set of rods starting lean to the right 71/2 weeks post op

    Hello everyone, I am 34yrs old. I am 71/2 weeks post op with my 3rd set of rods in 10 years. I always seem to start noticing the problems at about this time. With my last set of rods about this time, I started with a little kyphosis and by the time I had it corrected 2 years later, I could hardly walk due to a really bad sagital imbalance and kyphosis.

    This time my right shoulder is beginning to drop and the curve that was left after surgery (not sure of the degree)is becoming more noticable.

    My question is has anyone else had a "settling time" a few months post op and did it keep settling until it was unbearble or has anyone had it just "settle" a little. I'm very depressed because everytime I think I'm gonna be ok after surgery the spinal changes start. As many of you are I am sooo tired. On a good note I do have awonderful husband and children for support and am not always this depressed so please forgive the negativity. My motto in life is that it could always be worse. I am going to call the dr. soon but just can't today because I know I will cry.

    2000- spinal fusion w inst. t-2 L-4
    2002 top1/2 rod removal due to rods loose and protruding at the top
    2004 bottom rod removal due to pain starting to protrude
    2007 spinal fusion t-9 to L-5 due to kyphosis and leaning forward(made it worse)
    2009 oct 15th rod removal,repair of fusion new rods t2 to pelvis with osteotomies
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    Oooh, I wish I could help you but I really don't know whether this "settling" is normal. I do know my shape changed from immediately pre-op to back being crooked, except instead of my right hip jutting out, now my left hip juts out. It's nowhere near as bad as it was and I'm not concerned about the cosmetic issues but I do wonder how things can move in there, after being so tightly screwed down! According to my x-rays, everything's in its place. So perhaps it's muscular?

    I do know others have spoken about this "settling" too, so perhaps it's normal.

    I sure hope someone in the know comes along soon to give you some good advice.

    Good sounds like you could use some good news.
    Surgery March 3, 2009 at almost 58, now 63.
    Dr. Askin, Brisbane, Australia
    T4-Pelvis, Posterior only
    Osteotomies and Laminectomies
    Was 68 degrees, now 22 and pain free

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    thanks for the response

    Thanks for the response. If I knew that it wouldn't get worse I would be fine with it, but my past experiences tell me different. Also the worse the curve for me the worse the pain. I have been in pain for 15 years. What I would give for 1 day pain free. My body never seems to do well with instrumentation or without. I will be doing alot of praying and light excersizing.haha

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    Hi Idwest,
    your initial post made my heart skip a beat (or three). I am so hoping that everything is ok. I myself have not heard about this 'settling' thing. All i know is that every night when i go to bed, i make sure i am lying straight, i even put pillows on each side as my 'guide'. I hope you can get a solution real soon.Take care.
    44 years young! now 45
    Surgery - June 1st, 2009
    Dr David Hall - Adelaide Spine Clinic
    St. Andrews Hospital, Adelaide, South Australia
    Pre-op curve - 58 degree lumbar
    Post -op - 5 degrees
    T11 - S1 Posterior
    L4/5 - L5/S1 Anterior Fusion

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