I found one set of extended comments... it was on Fix's site in a thread mamamax was on...


Wong wrote:

Thanks for your email. This discussion has been brought up again and again.

Our study team got more than 5 years of experience for using SpineCor from intensive training in St Justine Hospital (3 team members were granted with the training certificates) to real practice and then quitted the prescription. Our names not being listed in the relevant website recently is with an apparent reason.

In our randomized controlled trial study, we followed the treatment protocol suggested by the inventor of SpineCor. Honestly speaking, our team did hope SpineCor works.... We published and shared our experience of using SpineCor with others but some "practitioners" might think our team did something wrong without further considering the actual mechanism of SpineCor and the patients' compliance and acceptance - it is not a fair, objective and unbiased comment. Definitely, we shared our own experience through publications and it does not mean every researcher / practitioner will have the same experience as ours. Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing new developments of SpineCor including more randomized controlled trial studies in particular from the independent bodies / institutions like our team.
It seems someone is mistaken (or lying).

I think there are more comments out there from Wong that I read but I can't prove it. I'll keep looking.