I've experienced a few miracles too! Would love to swap stories with you (or anyone else) Ballet Mom - they do exist.

On the lighter side (?) in our OT thread ...

I do hope most of you had a grand party to attend unlike myself who was in bed by 9pm recovering from a long week of overtime. I've decided to make my resolutions as I go along vs some prepared list on the eve, which I will ultimately misplace.

#1: A hot date next year vs what I did this year.

#2: I'm going to investigate osteopathic treatment for my scoliosis (in conjunction with my bracing). Why? Well, If I'm reading all my Martha writings correctly, she experienced her greatest reduction during a time when she was receiving osteopathic treatment. I find that compelling. Also came across an article that seem to support the idea relative to myself (who has a tilted pelvis): http://osteopathy4osteopaths.blogspo...teopathic.html

Now - I truly believe that osteopathy is NOT something all Spinecor patients should investigate. There is good reason for that right here in this forum, from Colliard & Rivard (surgeon inventors of the brace). Seems not recommended for anyone who does not have some influence like a tilted pelvis. So maybe I should write the good doctors before making a decision.
Post #7: http://www.scoliosis.org/forum/showthread.php?t=5858

The value of this forum shows up over and again when searching the Internet for information. Kudos to Joe O'Brien for his vision regarding just how valuable such a thing could be.

#3: Suggest to the staff at NSF that we add the smiles found over at OSS. As written communication often fails to accurately convey the "mood" of the writer ... additional smilies would be a grand addition towards that.

That's about it for now (outside of reviewing the Editorial Board at Scoliosis Journal) - What's everybody else up to?