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Thread: July people

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    July people

    How are the July people doing? It seems crazy to compare how others are
    doing, but it gives me an idea of how I'm doing. Unfortunately, I'm not a very
    patient patient!! I'm still taking 1 percocet at night. I take ultram during
    the day as needed (I'm taking 1-3 of those daily). I'm still going to P.T.
    & it seems like I always feel worse the following day.
    I've noticed an increase in stiffness. I don't have the pain like before, but
    I have a lot of aches, below left shoulder, lower back, "catch" in right groin
    area, pain in my left knee - which is my good knee!! AND I have such a time
    changing positiion from back to front or front to back!!
    I hope I don't sound like a chronic complainer, because I am grateful for the
    surgery, I just want to state how I'm feeling & wondering about you.
    Thanks to all for these wonderful posts. I don't post often, but I read almost
    daily. Great suppport system!!!!
    Happy Deanna
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    My 13 year old daughter is a July surgery patient. She was fused T2-L4. She has had a difficult recovery. She has nerve damage in her right thigh and is walking with a cane. She goes to PT twice a week. She is coming along very slowly but I am seeing progress. It was just 3 weeks ago that she pretty much stopped the Advil. Everyone is different and heals differently. I keep reminding myself...slow and steady wins the race.


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    My prayers for a complete recovery for Hanna!! It must be sooo very difficult for a teenager to go through all of this AND so very difficult for you, her Mom, to be only able to offer support & comfort.
    Tell Hanna to keep her spirits up - nerves heal, they just heal slowly, but they will heal. You are right, slow & steady win the race!!

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    Thanks Deanna, for the kind words. My daughters doctor said it will be a year before she forgives me that means it is going to take time. He also said that in a year, her back won't be an issue. So eventually, this is all going to work out! Take care.

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    I was glad to read your post. My surgery was June 30 so I am practically a July person.

    A couple days ago I almost posted something very similar to your post because I also wanted to know if what I am experiencing is "normal" -- realizing that we are all individuals.

    The doc did tell me that it would be 6 months before I would feel 80-90% recovered but I also have trouble being patient.

    I had to go back to work after 3 months so I had to be weaned off all narcotics before that. I used to take Norco in the evenings after work but I was having trouble with insomnia and the nurse told me that was a side effect of the codeine. So, I rarely take Norco and mostly get by with Tylenol.

    I was expecting to be tired, but I am surprised that I am stiff and sore pretty much all the time. I wake up during the night pretty much every time I turn over. I also don't want to complain but this constant discomfort is very tiring.

    I'm so glad I found your post. It was very helpful to me to hear that you are going through something similar.

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    Excellent correction

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    I don't mean to butt in here, BUT, please don't do what I did. It's great to share but not so wise to compare because we are all so different. I compared my slow recovery to other's that seemed to just breeze through, and only ended up more depressed.

    But you really can't be in a better place for sharing comfort and knowledge than right here!!! It got me through some rough times.

    I would even write a post with tears streaming down my cheeks, only to delete it so no one would know how sad I really was. But I felt better, just getting it out.

    Stay positive as much as you can, and remember, there is always someone here to listen.

    God Bless and never forget how strong you are,

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    Hi Sheri,
    Great getting your post! It is so comforting to hear how others are doing. I wonder what the stiffness/soreness is all about & if it goes away eventually?
    I agree it is very tiresome & makes me feel like a "baby" when I mention it. One of the posts I read some time ago was about depression hitting around 5 months - I wonder if that fits in? Also another post said what great strides people made between 9-12 months - I guess it is a mystery & we'll just have to put in the time to see the final results!!
    Let's all just pray that we'll look back at this time, smile, say, "Whew!!!", & "glad that's over!!"
    Today's Thanksgiving and I am thankful. Hope your day is wonderful.

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