I don't think Dr. Young is well respected (but I could be wrong) but generally speaking what he is describing sounds like a cousin to Polio which is known to cause Scoliosis.

And that's the funny thing. Now we know that Scoliosis is triggered by dangerously high levels of Osteopontin. (source) High OPN is a risk factor for dozens of other potentially fatal diseases (Osteopontin and the skin: multiple emerging roles in cutaneous biology and pathology) and can be a marker for both infection and inflammation. (Osteopontin Expression Correlates with Clinical Outcome in Patients with Mycobacterial Infection)

We already knew how Polio worked. Inflammation and potentially infection is something that scientists should have focused on from the beginning. How sad that it took 30 or 40 years to get the scientific community back on the right track.