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Thread: Vaccine to cure diabetes to start trials

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    expensive medicine

    I agree with you but you might be suprised at just how pricey the vaccine (if ever approved) is. I have been following the recent emergency use authorization (EUA) the FDA granted for an IV theraputic (Peramivir) to treat H1N1. One dose of the (still experimental and not proven) drug is about $2500 (dont remember the exact price, but that is close). Doctors are likely to prescribe several doses/patient.
    Ouch! That's probably because it's new. Theoretically speaking drugs become cheaper the longer they remain on the market.

    Whatever the outcome of a new health system, it is important that they not remove the financial motivation to develop new drugs. Yes, big pharma is fat and happy, but there are a lot of dedicated researchers toiling in a lab someplace in the hopes of developing an effective treatment for many ailments. While there are altruistic rewards for their dedication, a bit of $ can be motivating too.
    The fact that the bills floating around D.C. are roughly 2,000 pages does not give me a sense of optimism about health care "reform". If the history of Congress is any guide we are looking at 5 pages of health reform and 1,995 pages of carve outs for special interest groups.
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