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Thread: Vaccine to cure diabetes to start trials

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    Vaccine to cure diabetes to start trials

    Video: Researchers Work on Diabetes Vaccine
    Scientists hope to start strictly monitored trials next year.
    If I understand this correctly the vaccine is given to kids after they've developed Type 1 Diabetes. It's designed to retrain a child's immune system so it will stop attacking B cells.

    I think one fact lost in the current health care debate is just how fast longterm costs will drop once diseases like diabetes are curable. Americans probably spend hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars per year on Diabetes related illness. Even if this vaccine is pricey it will cost 100 fold less than a lifetime of medical expenses and lost productivity.

    The same holds true for Scoliosis. Back braces cost something like $3,000+ each. Dr. Moreau's medicine will likely be more affordable and 10x more effective. A scoliosis cure will also result in less fatalities, health problems and lost productivity down the road.

    On the surface advanced medical technology may sound expensive but if it cures chronic illness it pays for itself many times over. It might be comparable to giant construction equipment. A million dollar digger might sound expensive but it's significantly more affordable than handing 100 guys shovels.
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