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My daughter's brain, no doubt ,does not orient her spine corrrectly in response to gravitational forces.
Judging from the universal difficulty people have in learning to ride were absolute balance and symmetry are required, I'd say virtually everyone's brain has the same problem.

And yet most don't have scoliosis. Maybe it's a matter of degree though again, most people who try never make it out of the lower levels of dressage at least. There is a reason for that and it seems neurological given how people just can't seem to sense where their body is enough for riding without endless hours of practice and correction and repeating that.

People who ride starting when they are kids do better in general but I chalk that up to simply more wet saddle blankets. Some chalk it up to more pliable bodies and minds and there is something to be said for that. You can't think your way up the levels... you have to feel your way up. Kids don't try to think whereas the great run of adults will get bogged down in it.

I think most of this is relevant to your comment.