Hi, my name is Lora and I’m a Canadian student completing a Masters in Communication at Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA.
I also have scoliosis; thoracic 47, lumbar 27 (was casted for all my 4 Boston braces and wore a SpineCor for 1 year; never had surgery)

My master’s focus is on medical communication and my working thesis studies The Effects of medical Internet research and communication on doctor-patient relationships.

I am interested in empowering patients by providing them with the information and support needed to become more involved in their medical decision-making. I believe the Internet is a great resource for both physicians and patients and would like to conduct studies that show the benefits and identify opportunities for improvement of the dissemination of health information online.

One of my courses requires students to keep a blog. My blog, http://esscurve.blogspot.com/, addresses online Scoliosis communication, and has links to drafts of my research work.

I would greatly appreciate input from members of this forum about any online medical research or communication they have conducted.

Please post opinions, comments, thoughts, anything on this forum thread, my blog, or send me a personal message or you can email me at lora.lightning@gmail.com.
I keep all my information anonymous and only post when users give permission; I understand the importance of privacy.

The following questions are ideas about areas of interest:
1) What are your opinions about the credibility of medical information you read online?
2) Are you comfortable discussing information you find online with your physician?
3) Do you use “rateMDs.com” or similar sites to post comments about doctors?
4) Do you understand the medical papers and research find online?
5) What do you think would improve your medical Internet search and communication?

Thank you to all the forum members that have helped me cope with my condition over the years. I hope that in turn my research will help other patients and doctors.