I had my surgery 8/11- t10 to S1 posterior fusion. I had a rapid recovery and was priding myself on all that I could accomplish. I was even starting to tie my own shoes and was walking the dogs which was a stretch because to pick up their poop I had to bend to the ground - and my knees aren't in very good shape. I was driving a LOT - including two round trip 2 hour trips in a week and a half.

Long story short, I began experience lower back pain that would persistently get worst as the day went on. I went in for my check up and was x-rayed and everything looked fine, but I was in a lot of pain.

I did an experiment and for the last two days I have stayed home and not driven anywere and not exerted myself in any way, other than my daily walks. and guess what - the pain has disappeared.

I learned my lesson - for all the preparation for surgery, going through the surgery and the weeks after - it is really well worth it to go easy and let yourself heal and not get so caught up on how "quickly" you are rebounding. I am humbled but I'm also relieved that it was such a simple solution to get rid of the pain!!!