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Thread: Surgeon in So. Cal.???

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    Surgeon in So. Cal.???

    I am ready to set a date for surgery. YIKES! My doctor is Dr. Pashman in L.A. He is wonderful, but I feel I should have a second opinion before I schedule the surgery. I always tell others to get a second opinion before ANY surgery, and I feel I should take my own advice! Can anyone out there recommend a surgeon in Southern CA for a second opinion?? Thank you!!!

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    surgeon in LA

    I live in the central valley and was just referred to Dr. Kropf from UCLA medical center. I looked him up on the internet and he looks pretty knowledgable.

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    Los Angeles
    Dr. Kropf is a doctor that was recommended to me by my surgeon and by another friend to see for a 2nd opinion. It is my understanding that he and Dr. Pashman are considered at the top of their game.

    For what it's worth, I think Dr. Kropf is a excellent choice for an opinion as well as Dr. Pashman. (My 2nd opinion was with Pashman).

    Best of luck to you both!
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    Hi Asha,
    I live in Tustin, CA. I had my surgery done at UCI Medical Center in
    Orange. My surgeon's name is Nitin Bhatia. He is on the NSF's list of
    I also saw Dr. Raed Ali at St. Jude's in Fullerton. He is not a member.
    BOTH MD's impressed me with their knowledge, patience, & explanations.
    The MD I chose was closer to where I live.
    Hope this is helpful.

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    It has been quite awhile since i've posted here. Just to let you know, Dr. Pashman was my surgeon and in my opinion I believe he is the best. I live in Las Vegas and did alot of research. I will be seeing him the end of Oct. for my 2yr. follow up. I have no regrets of having the surgery.
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    Debbie, age 51 at surgery.
    Now, 59 yrs young :-)

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    Wow! Thank you everyone! And thank you Debbie, I really appreciate hearing from a fellow patient of Dr. P. I remember reading your posts prior to your surgery. (yes, I've been reading this forum for a while!) I'm so glad you are doing well and you do not regret the surgery. It's absolutely terrifying to me, but I'm trying to deal with it......

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