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Thread: What does a loose screw feel like?

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    What does a loose screw feel like?

    I was wondering if anyone who has had experiences with loose screws or hardware could tell me what kind of symptoms they had. At the very top of my fusion, there is one small and extremely tender spot on the left side of my spine that coincides with a screw. It hurts very much to the touch and begins to hurt sharply after sitting unsupported for only a few minutes. I also have a very tingly feeling coming right from that one spot. Because of the way it is isolated to only that very tiny area, I am thinking maybe there is something wrong with the screw? Any ideas? Thanks!
    Nicole//18 years old, college sophomore//50 degree thoracolumbar curve//Posterior Spinal Fusion in 2008, Fused T5 to L3

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    Hi Nicole...

    That sounds like a prominent screw, and it's probably not loose. The next time you see your surgeon, be sure to mention it. A relatively simple surgery to remove the screw can be scheduled once the fusion is solid.


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    Not too sure if I want to admit I had a screw loose... lol Actually, I could feel and/or hear a screw rocking back and forth. We gave it plenty of time to fuse, but eventually it fractured T3, which was repaire in Mar 08. I'm doing much better now, but still dealing with muscle spasms, possibly due to the back muscle rubbing over the top of the rod (which was shortened in the Mar 09 surgery). I'm hoping it will toughen up, or whatever it is that muscles do. Outside of that, no other thoughts. Call your surgeon and have hime take a look. Taking it one day at a time....
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