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Thread: Fascinating Presentations at the 2009 POSNA Annual Meeting

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    Fascinating Presentations at the 2009 POSNA Annual Meeting

    I think this link deserves its own post in the Research section of this forum. The video presentations are absolutely fascinating...if you're in to this kind of stuff...heh.

    Click on the link entitled "One Day Course - Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: Understanding the Deformity and Current Treatment (April 29, 2009)"

    The link with the keynote speaker Dr. Dubousset is especially fascinating to me. At 7:30 minutes, Dr. Dubousset is discussing the fact that he always casts scoliosis patients (note the very large person getting a cast in the picture) before bracing to reduce the torsion (he calls it detorsion) of the spine, which he says is most important, and I have to agree with him on that. He mentions Min Mehta at some point and that must be part of her casting procedure on infants.

    I think Sealy at the Scoliosis Support site may be onto something...she says she's leaving open the option of casting her daughter when she reaches the adolescent growth spurt. Perhaps that is the best thing that can be done for detorsion prior to getting a firmer brace. It's very interesting....perhaps that's what's missing in the US's bracing procedures. The detorsion is required first prior to the brace.

    Now that would be an interesting study!

    At the end of the lecture, he has a very hopeful comment about the future. He talks about in 2020, taking a pill for scoliosis instead of rods and braces...isn't that something exciting to hopefully look forward to! That sounds right up your alley, Dingo!

    Oh, and here is Dr. Dubousset's bio for anyone interested in his background in helping to perfect the spinal instrumentation used in today's scoliosis surgeries.

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