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Thread: 4-yr old 25-30 degrees - how well tolerate boston brace?

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    4-yr old 25-30 degrees - how well tolerate boston brace?

    Hello, Our daughter needs a brace..our doctor recommends boston brace? what should i expect..will she tolerate it well?will she sleep well? any tips for making it more comfortable for her? help....

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    Hi Jill,

    Sorry that your little one needs to be braced. My daughter has been comfortable in her braces--she was a little older when she started (almost 7), I don't know if that makes it easier or not. She finds a memory foam mattress topper makes things more comfortable for sleeping though she never really had a big problem. I got one on Brace shirts underneath (the ones made for braces) provide nice cushioning. She prefers those to cotton shirts. A lot of how things will go depends on your daughter's temperment but, of course, anything you can do to not let her see your anxiety will help. I don't know where you live but I wanted to add that my daughter wears a Rigo-Cheneau brace (also a TLSO) which we have been very happy with. Our orthotist here has had some excellent results with it, particularly with young patients I think. Only a handful of orthotists in the US make it. If you are interested in knowing any more about our experience with it, or about anything else, please feel free to PM me. Chris
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    G diagnosed 6/08 at almost 7 with 25*
    Providence night brace, increased to 35*
    Rigo-Cheneau brace full-time 12/08-4/10
    14* at 10/09 OOB x-ray
    11* at 4/10 OOB x-ray
    Wearing R-C part-time since 4/10
    latest OOB xray 5/14 13*
    currently going on 13 yrs old

    I no longer participate in this forum though I will update signature from time to time with status

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    Sent you a private message....

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    Exclamation 4 year old bracing

    Hi Jill-
    I would like to tell you that I am sorry that you are going through this with your daughter, she is so young to have to deal with wearing a brace. I can completely understand your concerns as I to have a young daughter who has been wearing her brace for 2 years now. She was diagnosed at 6 with a 40 something curve and it has been a difficult 2 years. I would like to know where are you and who is your doctors. We live in Florida and I am now seeking another opinion about our situation. Her curve progressed 10 degrees in 3 months, so we are very concerned about our daughter. Would you please share your story with me? I am interested, as I am sure you are, in what other families are doing for there course of treatment for their child. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.
    Betty Jo

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    Dr. Betz

    We have received three opinions from some of the best in the country since her diagnosis in late August. Hands down, I have felt the most comfortable with Dr. Betz at Shriner's Philly. Get in to see him asap....he is the most knowledgeable, he spent so much time with us and he is aggressive at his treatment options. Good Luck!

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