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Thread: Newbie well, sort of anyway

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    Newbie well, sort of anyway

    Can't believe I am posting here. I normally post on the Infantile board as my son, Ian, has/had infantile scoliosis. I actually haven't posted in a long time as he finished Early Treatment with casting and has been doing well and has been out of casts/brace for over a year.

    Anyway, I went for his 5 year check up and asked the ped to look at my daughter, Noelle, while we were there. My husband thought he noticed a slight rib hump. I was surprised when she said she thought she saw it too and sent us to the imaging center next door. Of course the tech can't tell me anything until the radiologist reads the films, but she definitely has scoliosis. They x-rayed them both and she has more of a curve than Ian does right now (thankfully he still looks pretty straight!).

    So, I know NOTHING about juvenile scoliosis and how treatment differs and what exactly the prognosis is. I do know that the curve did not look as bad as Ian's was when it was at it's worst (43 degrees).

    So, would the next step be an MRI like we did with Ian? What do I ask the doctor. Do they usually brace? Is there a better treatment out there like there was for Ian? I want to be armed with knowledge before we talk with the ortho.

    Which brings me to my other dilemma...I do not like either of the Orthos I have seen here in Richmond, VA. Ian went to Shriners in Erie and I hope to not have to travel like that again. UGH.

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    Hi Iansmommy,

    I sent you a PM.

    G diagnosed 6/08 at almost 7 with 25*
    Providence night brace, increased to 35*
    Rigo-Cheneau brace full-time 12/08-4/10
    14* at 10/09 OOB x-ray
    11* at 4/10 OOB x-ray
    Wearing R-C part-time since 4/10
    latest OOB xray 5/14 13*
    currently going on 13 yrs old

    I no longer participate in this forum though I will update signature from time to time with status

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