Hello everyone this is the 1st time that I have posted. I had harrington and luque rods inserted with fusion from T5-L2 in 1991 for a 65 degree curve that was only corrected 20%. I have felt pretty lucky until the past couple months regarding back pain. I have been used to suffering neck pain with severe muscle spasms since 1997 with 3 whiplash injuries, plus discovering that I have a Chiari-1 malformation about 4 years ago. So the lower back is new for me. It is difficult to sleep through the night as the pain wakes me up, no position is comfortable. I am an ER nurse that works 3 12 hour shifts that seems to really aggravate it too. I have been recommended to a Neurosurgeon at Tampa General Dr. Juan URibe by one our neurosurgeon's PA's. Just wondering if anyone has any input, I still have the hard ware in place and I am wondering if this is increasing my degeneration below the fusion and would appreciate any input.


Lori (scroliosisgirl)