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Thread: confusion after surgery anyone?

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    Jul 2009
    Not to beat a dead horse....I am almost 4 months post op. I haven't taken any drugs since 2 months post op (don't get me wrong...since I've been back to work part time, I'm thinking of asking my doc for something!). But my short term memory is shot! I went to PT today and knew the minute I walked in the door that I was there on the wrong day...and I looked at my appointment card this morning! I completely confused a tutoring client, telling her to come on the wrong days...TWICE! I think I am still dealing with the effects of the anesthesia and the narcotics. But I'm starting to get annoyed!
    Kathy, 43
    Diagnosed as a teen
    Boston brace 2 years
    63 degree lumbar curve
    Surgery August 26, 2009
    Anterior approach fused T12-L4
    now 28 degrees

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    Yep...I go from being annoyed to laughing it off. My kids think it's hilarious because I'll forget about their chores (he he) there's always a silver lining (for others anyway)

    Always Smilin'

    1982 fused T2-L1
    pre op 45 - post op 33 (left thoracic)
    pre op 53 - post op 18 (right thoracic)

    recheck 2006
    right thoracic 57
    lower lumbar 34

    surgical revision April 28,2009
    revision T3-L1; new fusion L1-L4
    unsure of degrees at this point

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