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    Good news, the curve is still 35 degrees which is the same as at 1 month and last summer so no progression yet and no intervention. They've warned us it could change normally between 2-3 and puberty but don't think it will progress too much as they had expected some change in the last year. So really really happy but trying not to get too carried away-I know from all our kidney appointments how quickly things can go from ok to worrying. But for now nothing negative so thats positive! We'll have x-rays and checks every 6 months any good strategys for getting a child through x-rays? tobey screams the place down, it's worse than an injection!

    Take care all Jenny x

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    Jenny - I'm so happy to hear that his curve hasn't progressed! That's great news. I hope he continues to do so well. Keep us posted on any changes. We'll look forward to new updates.
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