[QUOTE=MissEmmyF;81403]Yes, it totally depends on your health insurance, but it also totally depends on how the schroth facility submits their billing. I researched Scoliosis Rehab Center in WI before learning that Dr. Moramarco was way closer to me. They used "normal" physical therapy codes for their billing, so that was awesome because it was able to be covered by insurance. However, that facility was out of network for my insurance, so I would have had a $2,000 deductible to meet first before any coverage kicked in. Plus, I would have had travel and lodging costs.

To MissEmmyF:
Thank you for your posts. They are really helpful. I am considering Schroth now for my daughter. I was wondering if you still do your Schroth exercises and how has that worked out for you long-term? How many times a week do you do them? Would you still recommend it? Did you go back in Aug. and learn new exercises? Did they help? I wonder if it might actually decrease her curves a little? My 14 yr. old's schedule is very heavy. If it only takes 30 min. 5 days a week that would be an improvement over doing the Clear Chair for 45 min. 1-2 times per day, which is what we are doing now. I have let her go down to once per day. Oh but it is such a battle!
Does any one else have any experience with Schroth Method or comments they have to make about Scoliosis Rehab in Steven's Point, WI? Thanks!