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Thread: Is weight an issue? Any advice

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    Unhappy Is weight an issue? Any advice

    Had 1st spinal fusion at age 12 due to "s" shaped curve (1982: 5 horizontal pins in the lwr lumbar & removed 1/2 of 1 rib for bone graph). 2nd fusion result of car crash (1993: broke fusion next to 1 of the pins, fractured hips n 5 places, jammed left femur into hip, seatbelt bruised heart & fusion added 1 rod vertically to hold all 5 pins, 1 bone graph from hip & added greenfiled vena cava filter). Recovered very well from both fusions. 1st fusion I weighed 115 lbs. Dr said watch your weight, walking is great, lift minimal weights, everything will be fine. That's great but now I'm nearing 39 & weigh 48 lbs heavier than I did at 12. Noticed a popping sound from hips/lower back when I stand up. Pretty flexible but after sitting on floor cross-legged I can barely get up & walk. Like my leg/hip joints are frozen. My dad recently passed & last 2 yrs I've done no working out or eating right b/c it wasn't a priority. Now having neck/shoulder/hip/lower back pain at times. Never taken meds for pain before but now as needed. I'm sure pain is due to weight & inactivity. Visited surgeon & was told I need to return to weight that I was during my 1st surgery: 115 lbs/ Dr said pins & rod that were put in were to support the frame I had then not the frame I have now. Dr says if I don't lose weight, I'll end up wearing down rod at base of spine (last vertabrae is not fused) & will need surgery. Can anyone offer any advice?

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    FInd a new doctor! Where are you located?

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