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Thread: 6 month check up

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    6 month check up

    This coming Thursday is my 6 month check-up with Dr. Rand. I am hoping to be able to start pt and would love to be able to go back to Pilates but I am not holding my breath. I have to ask him why since surgery, I only have a visible waist line on one side, and the other side is completely straight. Has anyone else noticed this? I have found that I am more flexible on the left side than on the right side and I wonder if that relates to having a waistline on one side. I am trying to compile a list of questions to ask him because it is so difficult to get in touch with him unless in person. I am also wondering if it will ever get easier to take care of personal hygiene issues. I certainly hope so.
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    Funny that you mention this (the waist thing). I only just this morning thought the same thing. I have decided to put it down to being early days yet for me (9 weeks post-op), and that is because during the week of surgery, I looked rounded (sort of like the 'tin man') but can now start to see little indentations. Don't worry, its probably all your internal organs still trying to settle into their right places. (this is what I'm thinking!).
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    I had the waist issue post-op as well. It has gotten a lot better though and my hips/waist is almost even now which is pretty exciting. I'm guessing it may just be a time thing. Other users have said it took upto 6 months for everything to straighten itself out. Hopefully that happens for you too
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    My waistline is pretty strange too. The left side is definitely more indented than the right. This may just be because my ribcage sticks out on that side in the front. In the back it's a definite rib hump that goes from top to bottom. The other side is caved in the back. I know I'm stretched out from where I was but this seemed to become so much more obvious as time went on. And of course I have this tilting to the left issue which is driving me nuts. I just obssess about it I guess but it's always staring me in the face. The worst of my back before I couldn't see without a mirror! And yes I wonder about the personal hygiene thing too. Most on here seem to have been able to ditch the tongs, bottom buddies, etc. I wonder if I ever can. Janet

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