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Thread: Adult Idiopathic Scoliosis

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    Question Adult Idiopathic Scoliosis

    Hello Everybody,
    I am a new member. I am a 46 year old woman who was diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis in 1972. I wore a Milwaukee Brace for almost 4 years and the doctor wanted to perform the Harrington Rod sugery but my parents declined. I tried living a somewhat normal life. I had 5 healthy children. Then in the early "90's" I decided to have Harrington Rod surgery so in April of 1991 the surgery was performed. I had major pain after the surgery and and the years went by the rods started to cause severe pain. I was X-rayed only to find out that the right rod broke in half causing severe pain and the brackets and screws were infecting my muscles and gnawing at my bones, so I had them removed in September of 1999. Now I live on pain medication daily. All of the orthopaedic doctors I've seen practically tell my there is nothing they can do for me and to just deal with the pain. Recently I've noticed that I have brown blotches on the thoraic region of my back on both the left and right side and don't know what these blotches are. My current doctor is a "QUACK" literally. He won't refer me to any specialist just told me to keep taking my pain pills. I can't change doctors until October. Can anyone out there help me and suggest what I should do next?

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    Hi Glo....

    I've been told by one of the best scoliosis specialists in the world, that a break in the hardware almost certainly means that there is an area of non-fusion. So, that's probably what is causing your pain.

    The fact that Harrington hardware was used on you in 1991 is a clue that your doctor may not really know what s/he is doing.

    Is there any way you can get yourself referred to another surgeon? David Montgomery in Royal Oaks might be a good start.


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    While you wait to see another doctor there is a holistic pain remedy you can take. The essential oil helichrysum can be rubbed over the spot where the pain is, just a few drops does wonders! My dad, who had herrington rods too, uses it occationally. He had to have some of his rods removed after they pulled lose from the spine. So he has pain at that spot (he has neuropathy as well) and the helichrysum helps better then anything he's taken! Of course no matter how well it helps you need to see a new surgeon, just to be certain what's happening. God bless you!

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