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Thread: Elizabeth Taylor - scoliosis

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    Taylor was still smoking in 1986...who knows when she actually quit?

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    i believe she did a lot of damage to her spine when she fell off a horse while filming National Velvet...i don't remember...i think she may have "broken" her back then....
    i do know it added to the complications!

    i would bet she quit smoking...few people continue to age 79 with a cigarette in their hands...
    i quite 23 years of the hardest things i ever did!

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    My husband and I watched "Giant" over the weekend. At one point, he asked, "Didn't you say ET had scoliosis?" and I told him what I knew (from what I read here) and he said that in the scene that had just been on the screen, he could tell, in that dress she was wearing, she wasn't straight.
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    Oh no! Now I have to watch “Giant” again.....

    I read that she had some sort of cancer or TB back in 74, and it mentioned that she quit, which is logical. She could have re-started, but then again, reporters need better news than ET starting smoking again....Who knows?

    I knew a man who was 96 in 1965 who was a daily smoker and drinker. I was only 7, and I would sit and talk to him about things like when the car was invented. He was born in 1869.
    I went back to NJ last Sept, and stopped by to chat with neighbors and asked about Mr White. He lived to 108, and the neighbors would call the police on him pretty much on a daily basis. Apparently, he had a large garden, and would fall asleep out back and of course they always thought he was dead back there. He felt it wasn’t worth the effort walking back to the house for a nap, when he could just take one in the garden.

    Nobody knows what he died from, either it was his smoking, drinking, or the exercise from walking back to the house for a nap. Hard to say. When its your time, its your time.

    In her later wheelchair years you could just see the pain in her face, the pain from scoliosis. She was ready. RIP
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    gee, Ed, i've got a couple of worn out knees now...
    i cannot imagine how many body parts are worn out by age 108, including the heart and lungs!
    am always amazed hearing about the few folks with really bad habits, like smoking, who live to a ripe old age!


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