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Thread: More Weight = more pain?

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    More Weight = more pain?

    Do any of you have the experience of increased pain with increased weight gain?

    I am not overly over weight, if that makes sense. But I'm probably 30 pounds from my "ideal" weight. Now looking back at my pain increase, I believe it is correlated to my increased weight.

    I think I just need someone to tell me that I must lose weight. I need the added motivation of knowing my back pain will be helped.
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    It could, extra weight can push your bones and organs out of order from their usualy but it takes a lot of extra weight.
    Talk to your doctor about it and double check your weight you may be at a healthy weight. If you are only a few pounds over just going for a jog or if you live close enough bike to work can make a big difference, and also dietary changes, check for more info on what your nutritional needs are (everyone is different.)

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