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Thread: Oxycodone/Oxycontin side effects??

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    I usually take 4 Lortab 10/500's a day...2 in th morning and 2 at night. If I am having a particularly rough day, I'll take 2 in the afternoon as well.

    The Oxycontin and Dilaudid I got off of those with no problems...

    Unfortunately, I cannot go to sleep on my own at night without Ambien or taking the Zanaflex :/ I wanted to try and stop taking a sleep aid, but I get NO sleep and it makes for a very grouchy mama the next day and my back seems to be more achy when I don't get a full nights sleep. So I guess I'll just be a sleep-aid junkie

    There are some days I can get by with just taking OTC Tylenol all day, and 2 Lortab at night...just depends on the day.

    Speaking of sleep...I better get to it G'night all!
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    Wow! Lots of talk about meds. I've been jotting them all down to talk to my surgeon about. I can't tolerate Morphine (bad vomiting), and Hydromorphone, Dilaudid and Codeine are derivatives. I did well with Percoset after my caesereans, but sounds like I will need something more potent. I've been existing on Alleve for years, and I can really feel it now since the doc made me quit. No NSAIDS before or after. It affects healing.

    16 days to surgery and counting... Pray for me!

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    Hi Sandy

    I have had issues with vomiting after my shoulder surgery. When I had my gall bladder out, I asked the anesthesiologist about adding more antiemetics to the mix. He did just that and I was fine. Its a way of controlling the vomiting.

    The gave me antimetics when I was released from the hospital after my scoli surgeries, but I never took them.
    I did have a few issues with vomiting and I guess I just got used to it. I was released with Oxy 5/325 and it wasn't enough so they gave me Percs 7.5/325 about a week later.

    The constipation issue is important. Morphine constipation IS painful. Its like swallowing cement, then adding water. Time for the jackhammer! LOL

    Keep a bottle of Magnesium Citrate at the house just in case. That is needed just in case the Colace and all the others do not work. My hospital told me not to use x-lax.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doodie View Post

    I hope this restless leg thing passes too! Itís really bizarre.
    Neurontin helps with restless leg. As soon as I was off of the heavy duty meds, I also started with the restless leg syndrome. It can be very frustrating and definitely robs you of much needed sleep.
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