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Thread: I Had My Wedding Ring Cut Off

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    I Had My Wedding Ring Cut Off

    After 37 years, I had to get my wedding ring off. I'm only about 10 pounds heavier than I was when I got married, but it seems to all be in my fingers!

    My doctor said that my fingers will probably swell and so it had to come off before the surgery. He said it would be better to have a jeweler take it off than to have someone at the hospital do it.

    I know I still have 5 weeks to go (June 30) but a couple of those weeks I will be traveling to visit my sons. Today I decided to get it over with.

    So, I took a deep breath and went to a jeweler. She was great. She told me that she had had to have her own wedding ring cut off after 32 years so she understood how traumatic this was. She also told me that they would be able to repair it and resize it for me when I'm ready (a few weeks after the surgery). It was only a little bit uncomfortable to get done. Now my hand looks to naked !

    One more step toward the big surgery....

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    I feel for you! I've never had to get it cut off but even to leave it at the jewelers to be cleaned makes me sad!
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