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Thread: Collins, Gene-Mapper, Said to Be Choice for U.S. Research Head

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    So I assume the head of the NIH just sits there in his bubble and never talks to gov't leaders, opinion makers, FUNDERS, other scientists, heads of corporations, the press.....nope, never lets his opinion out to anyone but his direct reports. Yes, that's real world thinking. My thought was that he will cut through the BS of groupthink that is prevalent in science these days just in his regular everyday doings because he has a different perspective. But you have way to much fun trying to ridicule people...instead of trying to understand things.
    What you still don't seem to grasp is that these guys know and respect the limit of their knowledge. For you to suggest otherwise is insulting.
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    I think it's insulting for you to speak for everybody.

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    Nope, not genius. I think you are a pawn in the glorious plan of God to convert Sharon.
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