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Thread: Scioliosis is caused by infectious disease

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    Scioliosis is caused by infectious disease

    Everyone knows that Scoliosis is a common side effect of Polio infection.

    Do other infections cause Scoliosis? You bet.

    Fish scoliosis triggered by parasite

    Horse Scoliosis triggered by parasite

    Alpaca scoliosis triggered by parasite

    Goat scoliosis triggered by parasite

    Google Search: parasite scoliosis

    It bears repeating that if one identical twin has Scoliosis the other has it just 13% of the time. This strongly suggests that in most cases Scoliosis is triggered by something in the environment.

    13% pairwise concordance is roughly equivelant to what's found in Multiple Sclerosis which is triggered by Epstein Barr virus. Epstein Barr is more famously known as the cause of Mono "the kissing disease".

    In this landmark Scoliosis study all 58 children in the sample had the same type of nervous system disorder. Although they share the same disorder nobody is suggesting that they share the same gene or gene cluster. Every child in the sample had severe scoliosis that progressed to fusion and yet 2/3rds did not have a single 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree relative with any type of spinal deformity.
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