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    upstairs downstairs

    hi, everyone! question for those of you who have had your surgeries: could you get up the stairs to your bedroom (if required) when you got home? my husband and i were looking at the staircase this morning and wondering how in the world we'll manage the ascent and how long it might be before i can safely negotiate the stairs alone....thanks!

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    Surgery done Sept. 15, 2004
    Dr. Robert G. Viere
    North Texas Spine Care @ Baylor

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    Hey Sue,

    My bedroom is downstairs so I didn't have that problem. My doctor did give me a paper explaining how to do stairs if need be. I did start going up and down them at about 2 weeks post-op. You take them one step at a time and hold on tight. Theresa

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    In the hospital I walked up a flight of stairs....It's not that bad, only the pain...You can do plenty of movement, but it takes time....the hardest is getting in and out of bed..but the more movement you have the faster your recovery.....I thought like you....I was even going to cut my hair short one website recommended..and thought better of'll do fine....I rode my bike today along the beach and it was great....good luck

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