I've had several PMs sent to my inbox and rather than answer each and every one of them, I thought I'd post information for all of us to see. Hopefully it will benefit many of you.

I'll be 3 weeks post op next Monday; it's hard to believe! I can sit in the chair at the computer and type/surf the web for almost 15 minutes. I've come a long way (baby steps) as I couln't even sit in this chair for more than 5 minutes (after surgery) until recently. I still sleep a lot and lay in bed most of the day. I still tend to get weak/tired very easily. I still need help in the shower, brushing my hair, putting on clothes, etc. (the little things we sometimes take for granted)

I tend to have more problems with the bone graft I had taken from my right hip than my back itself. Don't get me wrong, it's all still pretty achy, but the hip tends to bother me the most. I have a post op visit with my surgeon next Tuesday to discuss how I'm doing, pain meds, etc. Here are the pain meds I have been on since I got home from my surgery:

Fentanyl (patch)

I thank my lucky stars every day that everything thus far has went well. However, I know I still have a long road ahead of me.

This said, even though I have cabin fever and many aches and pains, I would do it all over again. So, for those of you that have upcoming surgeries, it will be "okay". I was extremely nervous and had many restless nights the week before the surgery, but everything will be OKAY!

Wishing everyone a great week-end!