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    Quote Originally Posted by LindaRacine View Post
    Re: the referenced study, would one of you who have access to the full citation post the initial curve measurements for the study group?


    Here it is Linda

    This table is from the initial study (same authors in 1997 published in JBJS). the text quoted in the book Sharon referenced is from a follow up paper in European Spine Journal in 1998. I cant access that Journal prior to 2006.
    The initial study (where this fig comes from) did not mention anything about spontaneous correction. I would love to see the 1998 paper. here is the reference in case anyone has access.

    Eur Spine J. 1998;7(4):270-7. Links
    Assessment of curve progression in idiopathic scoliosis.
    Soucacos PN, Zacharis K, Gelalis J, Soultanis K, Kalos N, Beris A, Xenakis T, Johnson EO.
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