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Thread: Hi, Minor Scoliosis

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    Hi, Minor Scoliosis

    Ok so I have a few questions and I'll start by introducing myself.
    I'm 16 and when I was 14 my mom noticed my shoulders weren't even. I went to see a x-ray. It was a thoracic spine convex right, and lower thoracic and upper lumbar spine convex left. It was 8 and 7 degrees. Left iliac crest 3mms superior to right iliac crest. Spinal bifida occulta at L5. My mom is very over cautious and worrisome so she sent me to see doctors etc, and I got a chiropractor. I saw her for over a year (originally weekly, then monthly) and she said her goal was to prevent it from getting worse, and MAYBE correct it. Basically a year later (a year ago) I got another x-ray and it was the same (one went down a degree, another went up a degree). She also paired me up with a personal trainer which I saw once a month and gave me stuff to do at home. Exercise ball, stability core stuff etc..

    I stopped seeing them because it took a lot of time and I didn't want my parents paying so much. I know a lot of people say minor scoliosis is not even considered one, and I shouldn't be worrying. (I have no pains, and I'm sure it hasn't progressed much if at all.) So I haven't seen anyone about my back for 6-7 months.

    Recently I wanted to start weight training (bench press, bicep curls, etc), and I am hesitant if this is good for my back. I don't really want to ask a doctor because usually the doctors I see are very conservative and over cautious. I won't be doing any deadlift, or large weights against gravity. It is not extreme body building haha.

    SO my question is am I doing anything wrong? I just don't want the weight training to worsen my "scoliosis". Also I know most of the people here are probably laughing because it's just 7-8 degrees, but I just wanna make sure I'm doing it right. Thanks

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    Post Hey There

    I am a newcome here and I also have alot of questions. Don't think just because you have a minor curvature that you do not need to do anything. I do not have a minor curve my curve is between the 30 and 35 degrees range. so I can't really relate to you, but I can say that my doctor says to exersize and keep your back strong so I really think you are not doing anything wrong. I do think you should still keep an eye on your curve though. Oh yeah, I am warriorgirl245.

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    Hi Canucks...

    I don't think you need to worry. Curves under 10 degrees are actually considered normal.

    There's no way of knowing if/how weight training might affect you. If you start having pain on one side of your back, you might consider seeing someone at that point.

    Good luck.


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    When you had the X-ray done a year ago, did the doctor say to come back for another check? if so how long before the check? Others here are much more knowledgable than I am (I'm new), and you've gotten good advice so far, but I always thought that when "waiting and watching" checks continued until spinal maturity. Does your doctor think you've reached that point? Perhaps that only applies if you've passed the 10 degree point which it seems you have not. Good luck, AT

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    Mine was like 7 and 9 degrees when I was first diagnosed, then I grew and it got like up to the 30's or something, then back down and now it got worse again it is 10 degrees (Mid-Throatic) and 20 degrees (Lumbar). Probably just exercises, now if you are still growing you might wanna watch it because as you grow it can get worse.

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    My curve started low at like 11 degrees I think. When the doctor put me in physical theorpy for a while, doing exersizes and all that good stuff, i think it really helped slow down my curve, and maybe even stop it. But now i dont do theropy and it went up a few degrees to 20. I think working out would be good, because strengthening your back is really important. Good Luck!

    Beautiful Inside and Out...
    Even with a curve!

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