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    Franny -

    I'm 60 and bracing with Spinecor vs surgery.

    That was my next question. I was wondering if adults could wear the Spincor brace. That was our choice for Skye, however we were unsuccessful in getting her to wear it as she should so I cannot speak of the benefits of it but I was totally sold on that particular brace

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    It is a year since I joined this forum and have to admit to being an infrequent visitor. I have a 60% curve and am nearly 62. For the last five months I've been having increasing pain levels necessitating resting in bed at first for a couple of weeks. I am now on Duragesic patches for pain relief and have been advised to use special proprioceptive insoles and do core muscle exercises with a physio which I start next week. Has anyone else heard of this course of treatment and can you tell me what sort of success you've had? I'd also be interested to hear from anyone who's not had a good surgical experience as I feel strongly that I am headed towards surgery if all else fails. Franny

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    Welcome to both of you!

    @Pat: You mentioned Johns Hopkins Hospital. If you are close to DC, you may want to check out Dr. William Lauerman at Georgetown University Hospital for an opinion as well. He treats adults and adolescents. My dd (16 at the time) had surgery with him 6 months ago and is doing well. We go back to see him this Wed. for her 6-month check.

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