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Thread: Anesthesia and URTI

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    Anesthesia and URTI

    I thought I would pass along this information to other parents who might be asked that their child be anesthetized for various reasons i.e., MRI etc.,

    The last time my daughter was given general anesthesia they encountered something called a laryngospasm. Her larynx went into spasms and they had trouble intubating... pretty serious if they can't get oxygen to the lungs !!! This was probably caused by an upper respiratory tract infection (i.e., cold ) which she had the previous week. Apparently, a young child who has any kind of upper respiratory tract infection should NOT be put under general anesthesia for at least 6 weeks after the cold/ cough is gone - I confirmed this with the Anesthesia department at our hospital.

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    be sure before putting baby under

    thanks for the info. My daughter has "central core disease", very rare, but... one of the complications is if put under anesthesia she may go into "MALIGNANT HYPERTHERMIA". Just something for any parent to consider before taking the risk of putting their child under.

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