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Thread: just giving a hollar

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    just giving a hollar

    Connie im glad that they caught that problem! wishing you a speedy recovery.

    well yall i went to the doctor about 2 weeks ago and the news was better than i expected. I went from a 75 degree curve to 25. I was so happy i too am enjoying the new figure. and shopping isn't depressing anymore. i have a rib hump too but its so much better its not that hard to forget about it. i think if i lost about 10 or 15 pounds i would see my curves even better but its hard to loose when you are at home munching all day

    the insurance company called me trying to rush me back to work. I tried to explain to them that i have not had physical therapy yet. there like well you have been siting at a computer so you should be fine. I'm like yeah but the mintue i try to open a file cabinet i will be back out again! Let people recover in peace. i give my job a 115%. I can't even give them 50 at this point. its rediculous they should not call you until the doctor gives you clearance to return. I mean really what is the point?!

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    I have the flip side of that story. My doctor released me for work with some restrictions and the school district's Risk and Safety Manager won't let me come back to work til he talks to the doctor! He said he's afraid for me to come back with the restrictions. He's worried about a kid running into me and knocking me down. And the icing on the cake is that this all happened Friday afternoon when he called me to tell me not to go to work on Monday, he also said that he won't be at work all this week! I go see the doctor again, Monday Aug. 30th and suppose to have the doctor call the safety manager. My appointment isn't till 3pm, the safety manager said that he would be in meetings after 3 at different schools so we won't be able to reach him! I was very upset, I was looking forward going back to work since being off since the beginning of April. Now I am in Conneticut with my husband on a business trip. He was worried about me being so upset and booked me a ticket to go with him. I guess we can't win no matter how you look at it. Theresa

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    I'm sorry. I can imagine how frustrating it must be. There are way too many frivilous lawsuits, and entities are having to over protect themselves. It sounds like it might be too late, but what if you signed a release stating that you would not find the school system liable if anything went wrong?


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    That's what my daughter had said as well. But, then on the other hand, my husband said that you never want to sign away your rights because what if something did happen and they are at fault. Like I said, we can't win for losing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed though that maybe when I go back to the doctor for x-rays that my fusion is almost solid. Theresa

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    Hi Theresa,

    That is wonderful news, that u want 2 go back 2 work, it means u are on the home stretch and your healing just fine..The recovery was long and hard and you got thru should be so proud..I have a feeling that you will be in school coming this september!! good luck !!!

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    Hello All

    I called HR yesterday to file for a medical leave of absence, and they actually asked me when i will be back I hope they won't pester me to go back to work before i am good and ready.

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