Hi to all,
My husband may have written while I was in the hospital, I'm not sure. I have been home for three weeks. I had three surgeries in the week of June 21st, 24th and 28th. I was in the hospital for five weeks due to complications; ie, complications with fluid in my lungs due to needing seven units of blood and a mysterious infection that took about four weeks of culturing everything under the sun. Finally they discovered I have a bacterial infection (serr atia);(not sure on the spelling), in my back.a pretty rare infection and I am taking cipro twice a day for awhile . Each day I make progress and I'm very pleased. I wear a TSLO brace for walking and sitting. I was fused from t4-sacrum. This is the first time back on the computer and I am really struggling to type the words. I will be happy to answer any questions anyone has about preparing for surgery, etc. but please hold off responding to this post until sometime in September.
Regard, Susan