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Thread: Update on my Kaitlyn

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    Thanks All!!!! Tracy

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    WOW what stories, and rollercoasters. Ive been on the kid side, and at 14 I was constantly being reminded of my limitations, and man o man was it frustrating. Reading all your posts has sent me for a trip down memory lane I myself had a bloating problem and my nurse said i looked like i was 6 months pregnant I hope ur girls continue to do well. I no that i didnt go back to school because it was the end of the year for me, i just had finals which i went back for. It's nice to hear that everyone is doing so good. I remember that i didnt have any set backs except the one, and pain was never a big problem. Good luck everyone, hugs
    I'm 19 years old, had surgery 5 years ago
    3 curves Middle curve - 65 fused to 13 Bottom curve 35- fixed on it's own to 16!
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