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Hello everyone,

I had my back fused from T-11 to L4 back in 2008 with the intention of my thoracic curve straightening itself. Everything has gone down hill since the surgery and about three weeks ago my spine decided to rotate more overnight, leaving me with a more prominent rib hump on my right upper to mid back, protruding ribs in my front left side, and a greater loss of stability as well as a severe increase in pain. My intention now is to find a non-surgical way to de-rotate the spine to how is was a few weeks ago, which is...ambitious to say the least. My question to anyone who has had this procedure done is if the surgery is just done to alter the prominence in the back or if the surgeons take care of the front deformity as well.

The thoracic spine probably can't rotate too much without curving also. Have you had a radiograph to see if the Cobb angle increased driving the rotation?

I am not sure anyone claims to be able to derotate a spine that is curved. And if the curve could be straightened non-surgically then the rotation would fix itself.

Good luck.