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Thread: QUICK Looking for Feedback on Drs Clements at Cooper and Lamb at Princeton NJ

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    Exclamation QUICK Looking for Feedback on Drs Clements at Cooper and Lamb at Princeton NJ

    QUICK - My consultation appointments are fast approaching (Jan 19 and 26, 2009).

    I'm looking for feedback from people who have had interactions with Dr David Clements from Cooper Hospital NJ, Dr David Lamb at Princeton Hospital NJ and Dr Steven Valentino in Sewell NJ. It doesn't matter what you saw them for. Like everyone else, I'm trying to find the best doctor for me and my back pain. Please advise ASAP!! I really appreciate it

    I'm "special" just like everyone else (she says sarcastically
    I'm 41. Had scoliosis surgeries with Harrington Rods at Shriner's Philadelphia in 1982 and 1984. Now I'm all messed up! Got the DDD, the stenosis, the arthritis, the slippage and instability etc. Clements says surgery, Valentino says cortisone shots, and I haven't met with Lamb yet. I've got a 2nd consultation with these dr's and I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!! One of them rubs me the wrong way, one got some negative comments on this site and the other isn't talked about.

    Share your stories if you gottem! Thanks.

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    Hi Allison,
    I was not happy with Dr Clements. I had seen him a couple times.
    If you do a search on here you should be able to find my post about him ( maybe he's the one you saw the negative comments about).
    I have no idea about the other Dr.s you mentioned. PM me if you want.
    2 60* curves, DDD, left trunk shift, some rotation, rib and lumbar humps, annular tear at L5-S1
    surgery 5/08 planning fusion T3 or T4 to sacrum with iliac fixation
    Dr. Anderson at Rothman Institute
    5/16/08 ALIF L1-L5
    5/23/08 fused T2-sacrum w/fixation and I'm all Titanium
    6/4/08 open all back up to clean out for Staph infection
    (left open with just clear dressing)
    6/6/08 recleaned and closed
    3/30/2012 revision planned, broken rod and removal of iliac bolts

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